New women’s program to open opportunity for Queensland officials

Friday 29 April, 2022
Queensland based women can now take advantage of Motorsport Australia's officials development program.
Motorsport Australia has outlined its new Queensland based Women’s Officiating Pathway Program, which will officially begin at the end of next month.
With the support of the Queensland Government, the Women’s Officiating Development Program aims to provide opportunities to 10 female club officials in Queensland and help them progress from club level officiating to working at state level and higher.
The successful candidates, who must hold either a General Officials or Bronze Level licence, will be selected from a pool of applicants and paired up with a suitable senior official who will help mentor them to move up the official ranks.
Motorsport Australia encourages all women who qualify to consider entering the program – with applications being accepted until 27 May.  
Click here to apply.
As part of the application process, successful applicants will be invited to take part in a Zoom meeting on the evening of 7 June, where they will meet their mentor and other participants.

The Zoom meeting will consist of a Q&A session with leading female senior officials and group discussions where participants will be encouraged to share what they hope to achieve from the program.
The meeting will also allow each mentor and mentee to build a relationship and identify the mentee’s officiating skills and knowledge of the sport in order to create an action plan and help them develop.
The program will continue throughout the remainder of the year, as each individual mentor will provide assistance to the mentee as they work together at various events.
Interested applicants must note that the selection committee will be looking at goal setting, level of experience, availability to travel and for a variety of disciplines/roles when choosing the successful applicants.
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca encouraged women from all around the state to apply for the program.
“There are many talented women who officiate in the state but we want to be able to grow the number of senior officials across all roles and within all disciplines. A program like this can certainly help do that,” Arocca said.
“I strongly recommend all women in Queensland who meet the required criteria  to apply for the program. The opportunity to work closely with an experienced mentor will be extremely rewarding and  beneficial.
“I look forward to following the program and seeing the 10 enthusiastic and committed  women officials progress throughout the year.”

All expressions of interest must be submitted by 27 May, 2022. The successful applicants will be informed on 3 June and the  introductory Zoom meeting will take place on 7 June.
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