Building brands the focus of next Girls on Track webinar

Thursday 18 August, 2022
The next FIA Girls on Track webinar has been confirmed with this month’s edition to focus on establishing personal brands beyond the sport and positioning for future success. 

Hosted by Girls on Track ambassador Nadine Armstrong, the 'You as a brand, how to do it well’, presented by Michelin, will feature Founder and Director of The Lifestyle Suite Talent Agency Simone Landes and 2021 Extreme E Champion and Girls on Track ambassador Molly Taylor.
Both Landes and Taylor are highly experienced in the area of improving personal brands with the former having worked in talent management across diverse industry groups for the past 15 years, which includes setting up The Lifestyle Suite.
The Lifestyle Suite was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to the creation of health and lifestyle information using talent from a range of different areas such as doctors, health practitioners, elite athletes and lifestyle educators.
Taylor is one of those individuals associated with the brand and has seen her personal brand grow substantially in the past couple of years.
During the webinar, the trio will be discussing a range of topics covering the area of building personal brands, including authenticity and connection, articulation and an individual’s social footprint. The panel will also talk about networking, why it’s important and how to do it well, as well as working with third party brands.
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The Girls on Track ambassador Nadine Armstrong, the 'You as a brand, how to do it well’ webinar, presented by Michelin takes place at 6:30pm on Wednesday, 31 August.


Topics Covered:

  • Understanding your talent story – both your personal story and you as an athlete
  • How to articulate your brand clearly and concisely – how to do it and why it’s important? 
  • The importance of authenticity and connection
  • You’re your own mini – publisher – so what does that mean?
  • Networking – why it’s important and how to do it well
  • What you need to know about working with third party brands
  • Defining your goals for the future – what are they and what does that mean for how you behave, act, speak in various situations
  • Your Social Footprint – What does your social media say about you – what are you putting out there in the world?
  • Working with sponsors
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