Young guns get first taste of S5000 power

Wednesday 21 September, 2022
A number of young drivers got the chance to test S5000 cars at The Bend Motorsport Park.
The Bend Motorsport Park has hosted a successful open test day for the S5000 category, allowing 15 drivers to complete over 350 laps across the day.
The test was designed to introduce the category to a range of new drivers, allowing them to experience the immense speeds and challenges of the vehicles first-hand. 
Drivers from a range of categories including the Super2, Super3, TCR Australia, Radical Cup, Toyota 86 and Formula Ford took the track on the day to get their first taste of single seater racing.

There wasn’t any shortage of talent coaching the drivers either, with established S5000 competitors including Tim Macrow, James Golding, Ben Bargwanna, Nathan Herne and John Martin accompanying the drivers.

Dunlop Series2 contender, Matt Mclean was ecstatic with his first experience in an open-wheel car.

"It's not at all what I expected, but in the best of ways," McLean said.

"The first session was building up to it and taking it slow, before having a crack in the second one.

"They're good, once you learn how they handle - it's my first time in a single seater - once you come to grips with it they're quite easy to drive. But that first experience, it's wild.

"The transition from a Supercar has been massive, all I've ever done is tin-tops.

"To step in a single seater, something I always wanted to do as a kid, has been an incredible experience. It's something I've really enjoyed."

Radical Cup Australia front-runner Sebastian Fiorenza has eyes on S5000 for his next step in his career, and used the experience to prepare himself for the test.

"Today's been my first time out and it's not what I expected! These things are high horsepower, slick tyres, big rear wheels and a lot of power compared to the Radical," Fiorenza said.

"They're a lot of fun to drive but they definitely have a lot of horsepower. It doesn't have as much downforce as a Radical but that experience definitely helped prepare for this. A lot of skill from the Radical to the S5000 transitioned really well.

"We're working away on it. I can't say too much yet, but I definitely would love to have a crack in one of these for a season or two."

The S5000s will be in official action later this year with the second second of the S5000 Tasman Series to get underway on the Gold Coast on 28-30 October. 

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