Motorsport Australia renews partnership with Monash Motorsport

Wednesday 05 October, 2022
Motorsport Australia and Monash Motorsport extend partnership
Monash Motorsport and Motorsport Australia have agreed to a multi-year partnership supporting the university’s motorsport education program.

Announced at the formal launch of the team’s M22 car, Motorsport Australia Chief Executive Officer and Monash alumni Eugene Arocca was in attendance and believed Monash’s pioneering work on electric vehicles will benefit the sport in the future. 

“Partnering up with an elite organisation like Monash Motorsport gives us a really good insight into those innovations and how we can work together for our benefit, for the benefit of motorsport,” Arocca said.

Chhavi Khathuria, CEO at Monash Motorsport, hopes the renewed partnership will inspire the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts through STEM and engineering.    

“The goal of the partnership is essentially to inspire the next generation of motorsport; we are really passionate about not only the learning of our own team members but learning of the future generation as well,” Khathuria said.

“We want to have primary school, and secondary school students come into university and see what STEM and engineering is all about.” 

Monash Motorsport’s M22 car is a project that students have worked on since 2020, after the pandemic interrupted plans for the team to compete in Europe.

M22 encapsulates the team’s most ambitious concept, which was to create a 4WD autonomous, integrated vehicle that has the capacity for driver or driverless racing. 
Khathuria commended the work of the team for their efforts over the past two years in bringing this project to life.  

“This is not just a management team. Every single member has been coming in, manufacturing, testing, making sure that they are putting in the work on the car,” Khathuria said.

“For all of us, it has come to be this really exciting and emotional moment to come together and celebrate what this car looks like right now which is the most exciting part.”

The Formula Student competition is comprised of two parts, static and dynamic events. The dynamic event focusses on the performance of the car on track whilst the static competition is more about pitching the car as a business, focussing on the cost and design of the car.  

Monash Motorsport has a rich history in Formula SAE, having won the regional championship multiple times as well as being crowned champions during the 2018 Formula Student UK.

The M22 car will compete in two forms of competition later this year at the 2022 Formula SAE-A competition, to be held at Victoria’s Winton Motor Raceway on 8–11 December.

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