Wakefield Park to fight for survival

Friday 14 October, 2022
There is a petition to save Wakefield Park
Motorsport Australia is encouraging all motorsport supporters in New South Wales to get behind the public campaign to save the Goulburn-based circuit, Wakefield Raceway.
A vital venue for New South Wales motorsport activities at club and state level, a number of Motorsport Australia clubs hold race meetings at the circuit, as well as being a destination for Motorsport Australia State Motor Race Championships.
The circuit closed in September following a NSW Land and Environment Court ruling, which ultimately reduced the number of track days Wakefield Park could hold from 280 to just 30.
Since its closure at the start of September, a petition has gone live on the NSW Parliament website requesting the Government to find a solution to reopen the track.
The petition went public earlier this month and has gained significant traction following its release, with more than 14,000 signatures gained in the first four days.
With only New South Wales residents permitted to sign the petition, all fans of motorsport in NSW are encouraged to get behind the cause.  
Click here to sign the petition.
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca was supportive of the petition.
“It is encouraging to see such strong support for this petition early and we acknowledge and thank those passionate motorsport enthusiasts who are fighting to keep Wakefield Park open,” Arocca said.
“As I have said previously, we are concerned about the impact the closure of Wakefield Park  will have on motorsport participation in New South Wales.
“I urge the New South Wales motorsport community to get behind this cause and sign the petition, as permanent closure of this important venue will have a  significant impact on our sport.”
The “Save Wakefield Park” movement was made up of a multitude of supporters ranging from motorsport participants and officials, local businesses and residents of the Goulburn region and community groups, sporting groups, emergency services and military who use the facility. 
Petition organisers have less than three weeks to collect a minimum of 20,000 signatures in order for the issue to be debated by Members of Parliament in one of the few sittings left for the rest of the year.
Click here to sign the petition.
New South Wales locals looking to support the matter have until Friday 28 October to sign the petition. 
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