A weekend to celebrate officials

Thursday 10 November, 2022
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This weekend will mark one of the most important on the annual motorsport calendar with thousands of volunteer officials and administrators to be celebrated via the FIA Volunteers Weekend.
Happening across the world, the FIA Volunteers Weekend will recognise all the people who volunteer their time to help the sport run on a week-to-week basis.
From fire and rescue marshals, flaggies and scrutineers to race control, technical delegates and event secretaries - without volunteers, motorsport would not exist.
In Australia alone, there are approximately 9000 Motorsport Australia volunteer officials who dedicate themselves across the many disciplines within the sport.
Considered among the best in the world, Australian officials are often seen as the benchmark for work ethic, passion and organisation – a feat highlighted by the many FIA international officials’ awards received by Australians. 
Throughout this weekend, many drivers, teams and organisations will give thanks to these individuals who are crucial to the sport and its survival via the #FIAVolunteersWeekend hashtag.
Motorsport Australia is encouraging officials to take photos of themselves and colleagues in action and upload on social media using the hashtag, as well as for competitors to say ‘thanks’ who give up their time to allow them to go racing.
Motorsport Australia President Andrew Fraser thanked the thousands of individuals who volunteer every year. 
“The FIA Volunteer Weekend is extremely important to all of us because it allows us to recognise and acknowledge every single volunteer and official who contributes to motorsport,” Fraser said.
“As we say time and time again, volunteer officials are the lifeblood of our sport and without them, the sport would be nothing like what it is today. 
“For anyone planning on attending motorsport events this weekend, I encourage you to take the time to give thanks to these people who dedicate their spare time to motorsport.
“On behalf of all those at Motorsport Australia, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank every volunteer for their service.”
The FIA Volunteers Weekend takes place on 12-13 November. 
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