Motorsport Australia confirms Board changes

Thursday 22 December, 2022
Samantha Reid, John Gibbons and Jon Thomson will join the Motorsport Australia Board as Directors in 2023.
Motorsport Australia will welcome three new Directors to its Board for 2023.
Two new state-elected Directors will replace outgoing Vice-President Graeme Emerton (NSW/ACT) and Nick Rahimtulla (WA), while a new appointed Director will replace Thea Jeanes-Cochrane.
Former Australian Rally Commission Chair Jon Thomson was elected Director for NSW/ACT, following Emerton’s retirement, while John Gibbons was elected to represent Western Australia.
Meanwhile, current Karting Australia Director Samantha Reid will replace Jeanes-Cochrane as one of Motorsport Australia’s Appointed Directors.
Motorsport Australia President Andrew Fraser thanked the outgoing Board members for their commitment and service.
“This is an exciting period for Motorsport Australia and our outgoing Directors should be proud of everything they have achieved during their respective tenures,” Fraser said.
“Graeme, who has served on the Board since 2009, has been a strong advocate for motorsport and a significant contributor, most notably as Vice President for a number of years. Graeme’s service to motorsport is worthy of celebration and we thank him for everything he has done during his time on the Board.
“Joining the Board in 2017, Nick has always represented Western Australia’s best interests and put forward a strong voice in ensuring we achieve our strategic objectives both in WA but also across the country.
“Thea, who joined us in 2019, has also provided valuable contributions to the organisation and her experience, knowledge and insights into the sports industry have been crucial to helping Motorsport Australia navigate recent challenges.”
Fraser also congratulated the new Directors on their respective elections and appointments to the Board.
“We are pleased to welcome Samantha, Jon and John to our Board room, joining a strong, committed and passionate group of individuals,” Fraser added.
“As motorsport continues to rebound strongly from the recent pandemic, it’s up to all of us to make sure we provide the administration with the tools and strategic direction to take the sport to the next level.
“We all recognise the challenges that lay ahead, including the significant increases to insurance premiums, as well as the importance of promoting sustainable, safe and inclusive motorsport activities. I am certain our new Directors share our mission for seeing more people enjoying more motorsport more often.”
WA Elected Director John Gibbons said:
“I am extremely proud and excited to be joining the Motorsport Australia Board in 2023. To be elected as the Western Australian representative to such a strong national sporting body is an honour,” Gibbons said.
“The opportunity to be a Director and work diligently to take motorsport to new heights is one that I won’t take for granted and it’s a thrill to be able to support everyone who participates, volunteers or spectates motorsport through the hard work of this Board.
“I look forward to joining an enthusiastic and passionate group of Directors and help shape the strategic direction of motorsport in Australia in the years ahead.”
Appointed Director Samantha Reid said:
“I'm really looking forward to joining the Motorsport Australia Board and further strengthening the relationship between Motorsport Australia and Karting Australia,” Reid said.
“The current Board have done a great job building relationships with stakeholders and navigating a really challenging few years. The next era will need to tackle challenges such as sustainability, accessibility and inclusion in order to deliver on its mission. While these are big challenges, I join feeling confident with the make up of the Board and Andrew's leadership that the future looks bright.”
NSW/ACT Elected Director Jon Thomson said:
“I am very humbled and honoured to be elected to the board of Motorsport Australia as the representative for NSW/ACT and it comes with a huge responsibility, however I am looking forward to playing my part in advancing the sport which I’ve been passionate about all my life,” Thomson said.
“I look forward to being a part of the decision making and strategic planning of Australian motorsport to enable it to thrive and grow into the future.”
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