Aussies students experience STEM firsthand at Monash Uni

Wednesday 22 March, 2023
Photos: Monash Motorsport
Motorsport Australia and Monash Motorsport have combined to provide some lucky Australian school students an exclusive insight into the world of engineering in motorsport.

More than 100 students between the ages of 10 and 14 attended Monash University to take part in the experience earlier this month, where they learned about the opportunities of STEM within motorsport from a collection of the University’s undergraduate engineers.

Throughout the day, the students took part in a number of workshops where they learned the intricacies of STEM and engineering in the sport and how the two worlds collide.

In addition to motorsport, participants also learned about other engineering clubs to include Monash Human Power, Robogals, High Powered Rocketry and Uncrewed Aerial Systems.


The Monash Experience is just the start of a busy month educating students on STEM with this year’s Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix also to hold multiple opportunities.

Throughout the four-day international event, there will be a Tech Hub near the Motorsport Australia marquee that will provide numerous engaging activities for students that focus on applications of STEM. 

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