Logitech G Pro Invitational to kickstart new national Esports Cups

Wednesday 22 March, 2023
The Motorsport Australia Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup is Motorsport Australia's first national Esports Championship.
Motorsport Australia is pleased to confirm its ever first Esports National Cup, the Motorsport Australia Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup.
Promoted by the Australian Sim Racing Group, the Motorsport Australia Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup is the first of multiple Esports National Cups to run in 2023.
In addition to the honour of being the inaugural national champion, the winner of this series will also be recognised as the Motorsports Australia Esports National Cup Champion for this category and will be celebrated at the Motorsport Australia National Awards early next year.
Taking place over 10 rounds, the Motorsport Australia Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup will see competitors behind the wheel of V8 Touring Cars and taking on a number of world famous circuits across Europe, the United States and Australia.
There will be three Australian circuits as part of the series with Phillip Island, Mount Panorama and Sandown to major drawcards.
Representing the Europe circuits are notable F1 staples Spa-Francorchamps and the Red Bull Ring, while Road America, Watkins Glens and Road Atlanta are amongst the American circuits on the calendar.
However, the series will begin with one of the most popular circuits around the world, Sebring International Raceway, which will host one of six sprint events for the year.
The final format will be the enduro rounds, which will run at Bathurst and a third Australian circuit in Sandown, and competitors will take on 40 laps for the race.
Pro Invitational Cup Operations Manager Brenton O’Brien was thrilled to have the Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup considered as the first major national Esports Cup.
“The introduction of Motorsport Australia to our series is a real coup for the Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup,” O’Brien said.
“We have seen firsthand the enthusiasm and commitment that Motorsport Australia have been prepared to go to ensure that Esports in this country is ready to go to the next level.
“With the best 45 sim racers in the country competing throughout the year we are sure that the genuinely best racing will take place here.
“Having Motorsport Australia on board with us, in our second season further verifies that we are on the right path to help recognise Esports on a larger scale.”
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All 10 rounds of the series will be broadcast via the Australian Sim Racing Group YouTube channel.
With Esports and sim racing growing around the world, Motorsport Australia will introduce a number of other Esports National Cups in the coming weeks.
The Motorsport Australia Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup seasons kicks off with a Sebring Circuit on Wednesday 22 March.

2023 Motorsport Australia Logitech G Pro Invitational Cup Calendar

Round 1: 22 March - Sebring – Sprint
Round 2: 19 April – Phillip Island – Supersprint
Round 3: 10 May – Spa-Francorchamps – Sprint
Round 4: 7 June – Road America – Sprint
Round 5: 28 June - Watkins Glen – Sprint
Round 6: 19 July – Red Bull Ring – Sprint
Round 7: 9 August – Belle Isle – Supersprint
Round 8: 8 September – Sandown – Enduro
Round 9: 14 October – Bathurst – Enduro
Round 10: 15 November – Road Atlanta - Sprint
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