Mildura looking to motorsport future

Wednesday 29 March, 2023
McLaughlin Sports Consultancy and the Mildura Rural City Council met with around 50 members from local motorsport clubs
The Mildura Rural City Council is planning to enhance the Mildura region’s reputation in motorsport by developing a Regional Motorsport Strategy.
The simple goal of the strategy is to turn Mildura into a motorsport hub by working alongside Sunraysia region-based car clubs and groups.
The idea for a strategy followed a comprehensive review of motorsport in the region in 2022, which assessed the needs, wants and priorities of motorsport clubs within the Sunraysia and Mildura area.
With the Victorian Government already throwing financial support behind the idea, consultancy firm, McLaughlin Sports Consultancy, has been appointed by the Council to help lead the strategy’s development.
The Council’s plan to build the strategy has been met with positive feedback from the region’s local motorsport clubs, and Mildura Mayor Liam Wood was confident in the Council’s approach.
“This new approach to driving growth in motorsport in our region will be very much based around increasing the capacity of our local motorsport clubs. At the end of the day, they are the groups we have to thank for establishing our region’s enviable reputation as a motorsport mecca,” Cr Wood said.
“The end goal here is to empower and enable our local motorsport clubs, with our support, to attract and conduct more and bigger events through improvements to their facilities, as well as growth in their membership bases.
“This will in turn build on the already massive economic benefit our local motorsport clubs generate for our region every year through visitor numbers, and the flow-on benefits for our community.”

Motorsport Australia Chief Executive Officer Eugene Arocca was highly supportive of the strategy to develop motorsport in the Mildura and Sunraysia region.
“Motorsport Australia is pleased to support and work with Mildura Rural City Council on this project,” Arocca added.
“We know that permanent motorsport facilities are such an important asset to our sport and it is pleasing to see plans being made to further develop more venues for our clubs, regions and competitors.
“Track time is at a premium around Australia, and given Mildura’s rich motorsport history, we believe this project is a significant opportunity for the region and our sport.”
Earlier this week, McLaughlin Sports Consultancy met with around 50 members from local motorsport clubs, along with the Mildura Rural City Council staff members, to share their vision and outline the proposed steps to build the strategy over the next 12 months.
There are three key opportunities identified to help the Strategy to be successful, which includes improving the standard of local facilities in the hopes of attracting major events and future viability, and the development of grassroots at club level.
Part of building the strategy will include the following steps.
- Individual site visits/assessments and one-on-one meetings with local motorsport clubs
- Engaging with the Victorian Government and state and national motorsport bodies
- Development of strategic, facility and growth plans for each local motorsport club
- Distribution of the draft Regional Motorsport Strategy to Mildura Rural City Councillors and stakeholders ahead of finalising the strategy.
The Regional Motorsport Strategy is expected to be presented to the Council by November this year. 
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