Safety Update #2: Window Nets

Wednesday 05 April, 2023
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Motorsport Australia is providing a further update regarding changes to window net requirements in circuit race events. You may recall we published a previous update on window nets in circuit race events earlier this year. We would now like to add further clarity to these changes, with additional updates highlighted in yellow.

Following a review of competitor feedback, and a physical audit of window net installations during recent events, Motorsport Australia has identified issues with attaching the upper window net fixings to the safety cage in some vehicles, and therefore is making the following update to Motorsport Australia Technical Appendix, Schedule I:

For a Production Car, the upper fixings of a window net are permitted to attach to the Body Shell.

The definitions of Production Car and Body Shell are listed below as defined by Motorsport Australia Technical Manual – 2023 Definitions - Technical which can be found here.

An Automobile of which the production of a certain number of identical examples within a specified period of time has been verified and which are destined for normal sale to the public. In competition, such an Automobile shall retain the basic bodyshell, suspension and driveline components.

The main coachwork structure of an Automobile which, in the case of an Automobile not having a separate chassis, constitutes the fundamental structure of the Automobile. Components such as doors, bonnet, boot lid and mudguards which are readily demountable are not deemed to be part of the body shell.

Click here to view Technical Appendix Schedule I of the Motorsport Australia Manual.

The primary function of a window net is to protect the driver from having any body part protrude through the window opening during an incident.

The requirements are in place to ensure that all closed vehicles competing in a circuit race event have a window net installed capable of performing its primary function.

The changes will apply across the circuit race discipline and many vehicles that had previously not required a window net will now be required to fit one. 

For circuit racing, the fitment of the window net to the door frame of a production vehicle is no longer permitted and the window net must now be fitted to the safety cage structure. 

Regulation Updates

Window Net

Window nets must only be securely fixed to the safety cage structure, except for a Production Car, where the upper fixings of a window net are permitted to attach to the Body Shell. Window nets mounted to the driver’s door frame or other vehicle components are not permitted.

The load requirement of 500N now includes the method of fixing to the safety cage structure. The window net when installed in the vehicle must be able to withstand this load when applied at any point.

The area of the driver’s window opening required to be covered by a window net has now been defined relative to the driver’s seat position, steering wheel position and safety cage structure.

A window net must cover the area within the following:
Forward from a vertical line drawn from the rear most point of the driver’s door window opening (i.e. original door frame) OR where the seat back is visible through the driver’s door window opening (i.e. the seat back can be seen through the window when the door is closed), this vertical line is to be drawn from the rear most point of the seat back.

Rearward of a vertical line drawn through the centre of the steering wheel rim.

Below a straight line drawn between the intersections of the two vertical lines, being the rearward line and the steering wheel line as described above, with the upper most longitudinal or lateral half roll bar members of the safety cage structure.

A Window Net is installed to cover the window opening, designed to protect the driver from having any body part protrude through the window opening in an incident.  It must be mounted to the safety cage structure and be capable of withstanding a load of 500N at any point.

Racing Net – FIA 8863-2013

In most vehicles a triangular racing net will not provide the required driver’s window coverage to comply with the requirements of a window net, and in that case the use of only a racing net is not permitted and a window net must be fitted.


Racing Net, often referred to as a seat or triangle net is installed in contact with the seat to provide additional lateral support to a driver during an impact. Racing nets will meet FIA Standard 8863-2013

Where permitted, racing nets must be installed in compliance with FIA Installation Specifications.

A racing net is only permitted for use on the driver’s side door window under the following circumstances:
  • When permitted by category or classification standing regulations
  • When competing in a vehicle which is compliant with Schedule I, Article 4.b
  • Where the racing net provides the required window opening coverage as detailed in Schedule I, Article 4.a.i and will provide the same function of a window net
A racing net is permitted to be installed on the passenger’s side of the driver’s seat in compliance with FIA regulations (refer Article 6.).

All other event requirements remain unchanged.
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