New Esports website launches

Friday 14 April, 2023
A look at the new Motorsport Australia Esports website.
Motorsport Australia is pleased to announce the launch of its official Esports website.

The new website will now act as a central hub for Esports in the country as Motorsport Australia continues to delve into the ever-growing world of online and virtual racing.

In addition to being a place for competitors to enter events, the website will house the Motorsport Australia Esports Resource Centre, which will contain a variety of information on games, platforms, hardware, driver training, Esports officiating licences and equipment offers.

Click here to view the new Esports website.

The Esports website will also be the main location for community clubs to promote themselves to prospective members and their specific Esports leagues, which will also feature news updates.

With Motorsport Australia to unveil a host of Esports National Championships and Cups, comprising multiple categories such as Open Wheelers, Touring Cars, GT Cars and Production Cars in the coming weeks, the website will be the main destination for results from each event.

Interested individuals wanting to get involved with Esports are encouraged to head to the website for more information as to how to do so, with opportunities for participants of all levels available.

Also available throughout the year will be exclusive deals targeted at enhancing the experience for Esports members, with the current offer being a free three-month subscription to new iRacing members.

Click here for more information.

Aspiring teenage gamers will also have the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the Ferrari Driver Academy Asia Pacific and Oceania Selection Program in Malaysia this year, with the best young Esports talent aged 14 - 17 to attend the event as a guest.

Learn more about the Motorsport Australia Esports Program here.
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