Changes made to Circuit Excel technical regulations

Thursday 25 May, 2023
Photo: Bob Taylor
Motorsport Australia has undertaken some changes to the Group 3E Circuit Excel Technical regulations.

These changes have been submitted through the process established with the Circuit Excel Racing Association (CERA) and ratified by the Australian Motor Race Commission (AMRC). 

Tyre change

CERA and Motorsport Australia note that unfortunately the supply of the current Hyundai Excel control tyre is no longer possible. 

An interim control tyre has been added to the regulations and may be used, in addition to the current tyre, for the remainder of 2023. CERA has instigated a new Control Tyre Tender process for the supply of the control tyre for 2024.

Cylinder Head

A change has been applied to the wording surrounding the machining that is permitted of a cylinder head, in the area around the cylinder head valve throats. 

This change seeks to ensure a consistent approach to what is permitted, with the area that can be machined now defined by a specific dimension. 

This matter has undergone consultation with several engine builders and competitors within the category, along with CERA State representatives, and whilst there may be some who disagree with this change, it has been determined to be of benefit to the category and all competitors in maintaining the compliance of these components now and into the future. 

A specific implementation phase will be applied for those existing sealed Circuit Excel engines, whereby any engine that is currently sealed will be permitted to continue in competition for the remainder of 2023. 

Any engine that is required to be sealed from now will be required to comply with the updated regulations. 

All engines will be required to comply from Monday 1 January 2024.

For more information on the changes to the Group 3E Circuit Excel Technical regulations, contact [email protected].
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