Mulholland to receive special NSW award

Friday 26 May, 2023
Gwyn Mulholland with his prestigious Cortina.
Prominent rally official, Gwyn Mulholland, has received special recognition from the greater NSW Sporting community for his contributions to motorsport.

The popular figure was named as one of 21 recipients of the Sports Foyer NSW Community Sports Awards' prestigious Distinguished Long Service Award, which he will receive as part of a ceremony next month.

The award is presented to individuals who have contributed outstanding service to their respective sport for 25 years or more, with Mulholland having been involved for over six decades.

Mulholland got his first taste of the sport in the 1950s where he and his sister would attend observation trials in the back seat of his mother and father’s car.
Shortly after, he would begin his own journey as a competitor, starting out as a navigator for his father before getting behind the wheel in a few trials himself when in the Air Force.

Since then, his love to compete has never waned as he successfully contested many events across all levels, with some highlights including the 1973 and 1976 Southern Cross Rally, the 1996 International Rally of Melbourne and 1998 PlayStation Round Australia Rally and the 2WD title in the 2005 NSW Rally Championship.
While he has a prominent career in competing, which continues to this day, it’s Mulholland’s contribution to motorsport as an official and an advocate for the sport that has made him such an influential figure.

Over the years, Mulholland has held a variety of roles such as Flag Marshal, Road Closures, Stage Commander, Event Director, Competitor Relations Officer, Clerk of Course and manning SOS points for the World Rally Championship in Coffs Harbour.
Currently sitting on the Hill climb and Rally Panels, Gwyn has also been a member of the State Council and State Executive, while holding three-year terms as Series Steward for state hill climbs, rallysprints and khanacrosses.
Outside of events, he also had a large contribution to Raleigh Raceway, where he designed and licenced multiple courses there.
Despite achieving so much in the sport over a long period of time, the award still came as a surprise to Mulholland.

"To be honest, I was stunned to receive this award because I didn't even know I was nominated - it came as a complete surprise," Mulholland said.
"It is a very special feeling and I am still in a state of shock, but it is an honour and I guess this comes as a justification for all the work I put in as an official and driver - I have spread myself fairly well in the sport.
"That said, I didn't take up rallying to be a winner because I never had the budget to be winner - I have just been a worker and it is something I enjoy doing and have always enjoyed doing.
“There has been a lot that has happened over the years and I am proud to have been involved for so long and still going. 
"I have been very well supported by people and that has helped the journey, and most importantly, I definitely have to thank my wife of 33 years Helen for all her support.
"I am proud of my achievements and to have them recognised at this level, despite the ups and downs of motorsport, it is all part of the parcel and I love it."

The award isn’t the first time Mulholland has received recognition for his efforts this year either, with the 77-year-old having been named as a Service Star recipient during the 2022 Motorsport Australia NSW State Awards in February.
Mulholland will be presented his award during the 2023 Sports Foyer NSW Community Sports Awards at CommBank Stadium, Parramatta on 29 June.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased on the Sports Foyer NSW Community Sports Awards website.
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