Important changes for National Rally Licence holders & Tarmac Rally competitors

Tuesday 04 July, 2023
Motorsport Australia has confirmed a new licence structure and requirements for those with a National Rally Licence.
Following the recent review into Targa style tarmac rallying, Motorsport Australia has confirmed a new licence structure and requirements for those with a National Rally Licence and competitors wishing to compete in tarmac events.
From 1 August 2023, Motorsport Australia will implement mandatory biennial (every two years) medical examinations for all new National Rally Licence applicants.

From 1 January 2024, all renewing National Rally Licence holders aged 45 and over will also be required to complete medical examinations every two years. This change mirrors the requirement for National Circuit Licence holders.
A new Tarmac Rally Licence structure will also be implemented, in line with the recommendations from the recent Targa Review Panel recommendations. This structure has been approved by the Australian Rally Commission (ARCom).   The following licence requirements will now apply only for those wishing to compete in Targa style tarmac rally events, which includes the completion of an Australian Driving Institute (ADI) approved driving course, tailored to tarmac rally competitors: 

New Tarmac Rally Licence requirements:

Category C Driver – 130km/h

National Rally Licence required ($280)
Medical required in line with the National Rally Licence criteria
Completion of ADI Driving Course 

Category B Driver – 165km/h

FIA International Rally D Licence required ($800)
Completion of ADI Driving Course
Pre-licence conditions: Completion of five Motorsport Australia rally events (including 130km/h speed limited events)

Category A Driver – 200km/h

FIA International Rally C Licence required ($1200)
Completion of ADI Driving Course
Pre-licence conditions: If holding a National Rally Licence, completion of 10 Motorsport Australia Rally events. If holding an ITR-D, completion of five Motorsport Australia National or International Rally events

Licences will be subject to vehicle eligibility.

“We are working hard on implementing all recommendations from the Targa Review Panel and I am pleased to say that we have made great progress in recent weeks and months,” Smith said.

“Work on all 94 recommendations is well underway, with the majority now in place, and that will allow the return of Targa style tarmac rally events in 2023.

“These changes to the licence structure are a significant part of the ‘hard reset’ of tarmac rallying here in Australia and an important part of ensuring the safety of all competitors, officials and spectators.

“The introduction of a medical for National Rally Licence holders is also a logical step. This requirement is the same for the large number of Australian motorsport competitors who hold a circuit licence. 

“While the focus of the medical is to ensure safety when competing, there have been many reported cases of the Motorsport Australia medical actually saving lives having caught other medical matters that might have otherwise been missed. It’s a small price to pay for safety and wellbeing both on and off the track.”

All 94 Targa Review Panel recommendations can be viewed here.
Anyone wishing to book in to their local Australian Driving Institute Course can email [email protected] to find out more.


Why are you making all new and existing Rally Licence holders aged 45 and over complete medicals, not just Targa competitors?
This change brings rallying into line with circuit racing and is an important step in making sure competitors are safe while competing. Medicals have also been very beneficial for competitors in catching other medical issues early, an outcome that has saved lives.
How do I apply for a National Rally Licence?
Head to and complete the forms online. Alternatively, you can apply through the Motorsport Australia Member Portal.
How do I apply for an International Rally Licence?
Head to and look for the International Licence application. This form will allow you to choose the appropriate International Licence that meets your licence level.
I am an existing National Rally Licence holder, do I need to do a medical when I renew my licence after 1 August?
Existing National Rally Licence holders aged 16-44 will not need to complete a medical until they turn 45.

Existing National Rally Licence holders aged 45 and over will need to complete a medical ahead of renewing their licence next year (when they renew their licence in 2024 for a licence with a 2025 expiry).
I am planning to apply for a National Rally Licence for the first time, do I need to complete a medical?
Yes, as of 1 August, ALL new National Rally Licence applicants will be required to complete the medical, regardless of age.
How do I complete enough events to progress through the licence system to become a Category A Tarmac Rally Driver?
Many drivers that would compete at this level will already qualify for the Category A requirements. For those who don’t, there are many events around the country that will allow you to build the experience to then apply for Category A. Motorsport Australia’s membership team will be able to assist you in finding suitable events. Gravel rally events are also acceptable.
I am an experienced competitor with many years of competition, do I still need to complete the ADI Driving Course?
Yes, it is a condition of the new licence structure that all tarmac rally competitors complete an ADI Driving Course if they need a category A, B or C tarmac rally licence. Even as an experienced driver, there will be valuable information learnt during this course.

This course is not required for gravel only rally competitors.
Where do I complete the ADI Driving Course that is now required?
This can be done by contacting the Australian Driving Institute, with course locations around Australia.
The direct contact to book and find more about the course is [email protected].

More information is available, including the costs and time requirements here.
Do co-drivers need to complete the ADI Driving Course?
Yes. If you are a tarmac rally competitor and have a regular co-driver, you will need to do this together. Co-drivers can also complete a modified course on their own. Contact the ADI for more information: [email protected] or visit their website.
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