Strong licence numbers boosting motorsport

Monday 17 July, 2023
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Motorsport in Australia is thriving, with record licence numbers in June adding to an already strong start to 2023.
Currently, there are a total of 23,500 active competition licence holders, along with 9,650 licenced Officials.
This year, Motorsport Australia’s membership team has processed 14,275 competition licences in the first half of 2023 – a three per cent increase on 2022.
These numbers are the highest and on par with 2019 numbers before the pandemic saw licence numbers fall significantly due to a lack of motorsport events in 2020 and 2021.
The month of June saw Motorsport Australia process a record 2,587 competition licences – the biggest June in Motorsport Australia’s history and well-above the five-year average of 2,078 licences processed.
Pleasingly, the amount of Officials licences being processed is also increasing, with 2,285 licences processed between January and June.
Officials licences only need to be renewed every four years, however it is clear more people are eager to get out there and give back to the sport.
Motorsport Australia Membership Manager Michael Melilli said the results were proof the sport was enjoying significant interest and continued growth.
“These numbers are a great indication that motorsport in Australia is enjoying a strong 2023 and people are eager to participate at all levels, particularly grassroots,” Melilli said.
“The record number of licences processed in June is a terrific outcome for the sport, particularly given the broader economic climate in Australia.
“A huge thank you must go to all our licence holders, including our loyal officials, for their ongoing support and interest in motorsport. We know that many sports are struggling to attract volunteers, so for us to be increasing the number of officials in motorsport is a great sign that the community is stronger and more welcoming than ever.
“Our small, hard-working membership team also deserve credit for this result – with the team making sure all members are well looked after and assisted as needed throughout their dealings with us.
“As Motorsport Australia’s investment in new IT systems continues, we know that more people are making use of our improved member portal and event entry and we look forward to even more innovation in the future to make getting out on track, or on stage, even easier.”
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