Motorsport Australia Targa update

Monday 31 July, 2023
Motorsport Australia notes that Targa Tasmania has released its road book and course map for 2024 and that the event will not be sanctioned by Motorsport Australia.
Motorsport Australia continues to work with other event promoters to ensure Targa style tarmac rallies can be sanctioned on the basis that they will implement the Targa Review Panel’s recommendations, which are the result of one of the most comprehensive and detailed safety reviews conducted in the sport.  
Event organisers around the country, including Targa Australia, had been part of positive discussions and input on the implementation of the recommendations. The Australian Rally Commission has worked with the administration to adopt these recommendations into the regulations, and we wish to acknowledge the assistance of the Tarmac Rally Competitors Association of Australia.
Further information about vehicle eligibility and technical regulations will be available shortly, allowing for events to run in 2023 and beyond as planned following the Motorsport Australia Board’s decision to implement the Panel’s recommendations.
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