Next Women’s Introduction to Motorsport to be held at METEC

Monday 07 August, 2023
Photo: Chantel Collins
The date for the next Women’s Introduction to Motorsport Program event has been confirmed for September. 
Taking place at the METEC Driver Training Centre in Bayswater North, Victoria, the third-ever running of the program will have two sessions available for women interested in learning how to compete in motorsport.
The program covers a range of topics and experiences, all designed for participants to experience motorsport for the first time and in the familiarity of their own road car.

Register for the Women’s Introduction to Motorsport Program.
Some of the exercises featured in the event include how to prepare a vehicle and track exercises focusing on car control and skills, as well as information on the steps and support to begin participating in motorsport.
One of the participants to complete the Women’s Introduction to Motorsport Program in Queensland earlier this year was Tasmanian based Jane Musgrave, who will use the experience she gained in the program to compete more.

“The program was amazing as I learned quite a few skills and got more of an idea about what to do in motorkhanas and khanacrosses,” Musgrave said. 
“Two weeks after I completed the program, I was competing in a hill climb in Noosa – I actually went pretty good too. We had had monsoon rain, and I was able to run on the asphalt without issue. 
“Thankfully, I had done the wet skid pan training during the program because I got tips on handling in the wet, and then when it came to the competition, I knew how to throw my car around corners safely. 
“The most useful thing I learned in the program was for a motorkhanas, and that was when you come to a garage to finish a test – you have to brake at speed and not lose control – you have to steer out of it and not be scared of putting the foot down.
“Honestly, it’s highly beneficial, I would absolutely recommend it to other people – in fact, I encouraged a young girl in Tasmania recently to do it because you learn so much.
“I have just bought a new car, my first ever front wheel drive, so I am looking forward to doing a track day at Symmons Plains in October.”

Women's Introduction to Motorsport Program
Register for the Women’s Introduction to Motorsport Program.
The Victorian edition of the Women’s Introduction to Motorsport takes place at METEC Driver Training in Victoria on 17 September.
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