Motorsport Australia claims prestigious technology prize

Friday 01 September, 2023
Motorsport Australia won the Esports category award at the 2023 Australia and New Zealand Sports Technology Awards.

Motorsport Australia is pleased to share that it has been honoured with the Esports category award at the 2023 Australia and New Zealand Sports Technology Awards.

The awards are a celebration of excellence in the realms of data, digital, and technology, encompassing various sectors such as sports, media, entertainment, and technology. 

The 2023 event comprised eight awards and Motorsport Australia was nominated as a finalist in the Esports category alongside the esteemed company of five other organisations, including Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Business in Games, Gerford AI, and Dark Shadow Studio.

The criteria for the award focused on four key areas: originality and innovation, benefits for users and the target audience, the commercial success of the project, and the level of uptake and acceptance within the community.

Motorsport Australia’s foray into Esports in 2023 marked an exciting new journey for Motorsport Australia, with the aim having been to cultivate an inclusive and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds could come together to relish and discover the world of Esports and motorsport.

The success of the Esports initiative has been bolstered by the introduction of a new website, championships, community events and the establishment of partnerships with the likes of Next Level Racing, iRacing and Queensland University of Technology. 

These partnerships have significantly contributed to the increased participation and membership in Motorsport Australia's Esports program.

Motorsport Australia Manager of Growth and Infrastructure Pravin Sinnan was proud to have received the award, paying tribute to those who have contributed in 2023.

“We are incredibly humbled of this achievement and how far we have come in such a short amount of time, as well as deeply grateful to the Esports community, organisations and partners who have welcomed us on this exciting journey,” Sinnan said.

“Their passion and support have been instrumental in our achievements, and we wouldn’t have gone as far as we have now without the ongoing support of our key stakeholders, who have played a significant role in our development and growth in this space. 

“We look forward to continuing to grow our Esports program and rolling out further initiatives in the near future.”

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