MOZA Racing gears up with Motorsport Australia

Monday 29 January, 2024
MOZA Racing has signed up with Motorsport Australia as its Official Wheel and Pedal partner for 2024.
Motorsport Australia is proud to announce MOZA Racing as its Official Wheel and Pedal partner for Esports in 2024.
MOZA Racing, a leading sim racing hardware manufacturer, brings extensive knowledge and experience to the partnership. With a strong focus on innovation and excellence, the team has consistently been at the forefront of developing new technologies and esports experiences for fans worldwide.
Motorsport Australia CEO Sunil Vohra welcomed MOZA Racing as a partner in 2024.
“MOZA Racing has become a major player in the Esports world in a short period of time, so we’re thrilled to partner up with them for the 2024 season,” Vohra said.
"Like us, MOZA Racing’s has achieved strong early success in their Esports journey and I am hopeful this new partnership enables us to grow together and build something special.  
“This partnership will be highly beneficial for our Motorsport Australia Esports Licence holders, who will have great access to premium simulator wheels and pedals.”
MOZA Racing Marketing Manager Elaine Lau was looking forward to the partnership.
“Motorsport Australia has showed it has big intentions in Esports, having already made lots of progress in the past couple of years, and Moza Racing are excited to be a part of the journey.” Lau said.
“As more people participate and join Motorsport Australia’s Esports program, they will be looking to upgrade their hardware and equipment, and our state-of-the-art products will undoubtedly help them move to the next level. 
“We look forward to a big year with Motorsport Australia and its Esports endeavours.” 

"Moza know how passionate Aussies are about their motorsports and sim racing, so as Motorsport Australia continues to build its Esports competitor base, audience, clubs and communities, Moza want to be there to support with their growing range of quality sim racing products.”
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About MOZA Racing:

Established in 2012 by a team of automotive engineers and seasoned sim racing drivers, MOZA Racing stands as a pioneering force in the automotive and sim racing sector.

With over a decade of dedicated research and development, their comprehensive understanding of automotive powertrain, electric motor, and chassis control, coupled with an impressive 8-year track record in designing, manufacturing, and delivering camera gimbals to millions of users globally, MOZA Racing officially ventured into the Sim Racing world in September 2021.

The company's product line, spanning from entry-level to pro-level, is meticulously crafted to meet the varied requirements of racing enthusiasts worldwide. As the user base continues to grow, expanding to over 50 countries and witnessing exponential growth, MOZA Racing has emerged as the preferred brand for esports events, professional racers, and racing enthusiasts alike. 
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