Motorsport Australia retains FIA Environmental three-star certification

Thursday 08 February, 2024
Three-star level certification is the highest achievement in the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme.
Motorsport Australia has retained its FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme three-star level certification for its head office operations.
The FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Program is an initiative introduced by the FIA to help motorsport organisations around the world measure and enhance their environmental performance in order to facilitate improvements in motorsport sustainability worldwide.
Motorsport Australia first obtained its level three certification in November 2020 following a rigorous accreditation process that included a detailed evaluation of Motorsport Australia’s environmental management plan and its commitment to best practices and continual improvement.
A thorough audit was then conducted by the FIA in October last year, which determined that Motorsport Australia had continued to show strong commitment to environmental management and sustainability.
The audit also indicated Motorsport Australia has hit its internal targets against energy usage, travel, and waste reduction.
Motorsport Australia CEO Sunil Vohra was pleased to see proud the organisation kept its Level 3 status within the FIA Environmental Accreditation programme.
“To first receive the Level 3 Certification for Environmental Accreditation Programme was a remarkable achievement in itself, but to retain it is a feat we are all rightly proud of,” Vohra said.
“Retaining the gold standard under the FIA’s scheme also shows that our status was not just a moment in time, it shows the sustained outcome from the hard work of many people.
“We will continue to make progress and thank all the individuals who have contributed to our Level 3 accreditation.”
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