Webinar for officials on self-extraction requirements

Wednesday 06 March, 2024
Officials are invited to attend a self-extraction webinar this month.
As part of the introduction of the new self-extraction requirements, Motorsport Australia is inviting relevant officials to attend a self-extraction webinar this month.
The webinar will provide an opportunity for officials to further understand the testing procedures, as well as ask any questions that may have arisen since its implementation earlier this year.
Registration is required for the free webinar through the Microsoft Teams platform.
The free webinar will be held on Monday, 18 March at 7.30pm AEDT.
Topics covered during this webinar will include:
When testing should occur
Regulations surrounding historic vehicles
How to conduct the testing
How to time the test
Managing and working with competitors who do not meet the requirements
A replay will be available to view after the webinar on Motorsport Australia’s website for those unable to attend.
Registrations will remain open up until the start of the webinar, which begins at 7.30pm AEDT on Monday, 18 March.
Register here. 
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