Cindy and Lee Davis: A match made in Winton

Sunday 24 March, 2024
Cindy and Lee Davis
Being an official has many benefits for the die-hard motorsport fan – you’re close to the action and you're part of a close-knit community.
But meeting your future partner at an event is a rare feat that not many will achieve.
That’s exactly what happened to Cindy and Lee Davis, who met each other at Winton Motor Raceway before eventually falling in love and getting married.  
Their paths to their initial 'meet-cute' couldn’t have been more different, but once they did meet their passion for the sport, enjoyment of volunteering and love for the community was all the same, creating a strong relationship that has lasted many years.
Cindy was the first of the two in the sport when she joined in 2005 after a friend introduced her to it, while Lee’s first event as a spectator marshal was at the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in 2008.
They met a handful of years later, and the rest as they say, is history.
“A friend got me into it and the journey just started from there as I attended a Supercars round at Winton before I eventually progressed up the ranks as a scrutineer,” Cindy said.
“Lee then came in 2008 and spent a few years as a flag marshal before he saw the light that standing out in the rain and in the 30-degree heat was tough, so he became a scrutineer and has loved it ever since.
“We both get along well and because we get put on different teams too, we don't see each other all day anyway. We're also part of the Formula One scrutineer team and have done that for a few years now.
“I love the long days. They are hard but I think they're worth it. At the end of the day, it's not an experience everybody gets to have. So, I would recommend people absolutely go and reach out to Motorsport Australia and sign up.”
As a couple, Lee and Cindy will always do three events together every year no matter what. Sandown and Winton with Supercars and the Australian Grand Prix.
In addition to those three, Lee will do a further 10 as a safety car driver and in scrutineering, getting the best of both worlds.  
And having been involved with the sport over the last 16 years, Lee has enjoyed quite a few highlights – both with Cindy and on his own.
“We have had a couple of interesting memories over the years, but the best part about being an official is the friendships evolve and that's really awesome,” Lee added.
“We all gel together as a team and produce great work.
“We love doing the Australian Grand Prix because there are so many international officials that you see once every year and having these friends from around the world is really cool.
“But being an official with Cindy, it’s nice to be able to share one of our biggest passions together. It's all voluntary, but we get the best seat in the house, and you can't beat that.
“We love what we do and maybe, just maybe, you might meet your future partner.”

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