National volunteer week celebrating incredible officials

Monday 20 May, 2024
Photos: Revved Photography and CarsMosport
Thousands of volunteers at sporting events around the country will be celebrated during the month of May via the Australian Sporting Commission's National Volunteer Week.
And the 10,000 passionate and dedicated officials from within the Motorsport Australia community are well and truly part of those celebrations.
Every week, across the whole country, there are hundreds of passionate officials who volunteer their time and energy to attend motorsport events to make sure they run smoothly and safely for the overall benefit of everyone involved.
From flag marshals and pit lane marshals, to the Clerk of Courses and Race Directors and every valuable official at each venue, without the efforts of these dedicated individuals, the sport could not thrive.

At every level of the sport - be it local, state, national and international - the many different officials are vital to the success of our sport, while also enjoying the best seats in the house to watch the action.
But being a Motorsport Australia official means far more than just being a fan of the sport, it’s also about being part of a like-minded community who share the same passions and common interests in motorsport.
Motorsport Australia President Andrew Fraser paid tribute to all Motorsport Australia volunteers.
“Every year, the nation celebrates the thousands of men and women as part of National Volunteers Week,” Fraser said.
“Our volunteers in motorsport have an extra significance in my eyes because without the many passionate officials and dedicated club administrators associated with Motorsport Australia, motorsport in this country would not thrive as it does now.

“They are the lifeblood of our sport and there is no doubt about the critical impact these selfless individuals have. Australia also has the best volunteer officials in the world, which is just another reason to celebrate them.
“On behalf of Motorsport Australia, I would like to thank all volunteer officials, club administrators and event organisers for their outstanding output and support every year, and more importantly, their general passion for the sport.”

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