The Board of Motorsport Australia is an honorary board of up to 10 directors. It comprises six directors, elected by each State Council, up to three directors appointed by the Board and an independent Chairman elected by the Board. The Chairman is also the President of Motorsport Australia and the titular head of the organisation.

The Board of Motorsport Australia is elected to govern the management of the affairs of the Company, and is the policy determining body for motorsport in Australia.

All Correspondence to directors can be sent to Motorsport Australia House in Melbourne:

PO Box 172 Canterbury LPO, VIC 3126
Tel: 1300 883 959


Current Board Members

Andrew Fraser
Margot Foster AM
Norman Gowers
Terry Atkinson
Kristen Bailey
John Gibbons
Samantha Reid
Coral Taylor
Jon Thomson
Paul Woodward

Motorsport Australia Delegate to the FIA

Garry Connelly AM

Board Briefs

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