From 2018, the President has been elected for a three year term.

2021–Present: Andrew Fraser
Andrew Papadopoulos

From 2002, the President has been elected for a two year term.

2001–2008: Colin Osborne
1999–2001: John Osborn
1996–1998: Peter Bready
1994–1995: David Tait QC
1983–1994: John Large OAM
1977–1982: John Roxburgh
1976: Ronald Leighton Dearie
1972–1975: Brian Dunstan
1969–1971: Doug Stewart
1963–1968: Owen Grahame

From 1963, the President has been independently elected by the Board each year.

1962: Rodney Style
1961: Gordon Biddle
1960: Bill Pitt
1959: Owen Grahame
1958: Arthur Hayes
1957: Maurie George Maurice
1956: Maurice Monk
1955: Wilfred Douglas Verco OAM
1954: Stan Mossetter
1953: Maurice Monk

From 1954 to 1962 the Presidency rotated, being determined by the state in which that year's Australian Grand Prix was held.
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