Motorsport Australia is committed to doing its part to minimise the environmental footprint for our sport and commence work towards net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate and Environment Action Plan

In 2022 Motorsport Australia developed its Climate and Environment Action Plan in response to our desire to lead the motorsport industry towards greater environmental stewardship.

As the National Sporting Authority for four-wheeled motorsport, we are committed to using our position to support and encourage action across all levels of the industry.

This plan provides a roadmap and focus for the sustainability journey we need to undertake to see our sport continue to responsibly grow and flourish.

Environment and Sustainability Committee

A key initiative to lead and drive change for the industry is to establish an Environment and Sustainability Committee to oversee action and monitor progress.

This Committee brings together experts within the industry to guide Motorsport Australia and provide environmental leadership.

FIA Environmental Accreditation Program

The FIA Environmental Accreditation Program is aimed at helping the motorsport industry to measure and enhance its environmental performance. By introducing clear and consistent environmental management, it provides stakeholders with a three-level framework against which to accredit their activities.

Motorsport Australia has already been working for several years towards aligning our existing sustainability and environmental policies with the requirements of the Environmental Accreditation Framework. Rally Australia achieved level 3 star accreditation, the first event of its kind in the world to do so and Motorsport Australia House in Canterbury, Melbourne also received 3 star accreditation under the FIA certification process.

In 2023, we have started working with our clubs and partners on environmental certification.

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