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Motorsport Australia is committed to the safe and socially responsible resumption of motorsport in a COVID-19 environment.

The following details the requirements for officials to comply with Motorsport Australia’s strategy for the resumption of motorsport activity under COVID-19 restrictions.

Officials Resources

Officials Responsibilities

All Officials
Officials in vehicles
Trackside officials
Paddock / Marshalling Area / Parc Fermé
Secretary of the Event
Clerk of the Course
Things that will be different at an event during COVID-19 restrictions
  • The number of officials at an event may be limited due to Government requirements
  • Spectators may not be admitted
  • Focus on good hygiene to minimise the risk of spreading infection
  • Social distancing to minimise the risk of spreading infection
  • No mass gatherings including Officials briefings
  • Alternatives for in-person officials’ briefings and sign-on
  • Recommended downloading of the COVIDSafe app
  • Attendance not permitted if COVID-19 symptoms are evident
  • A COVID-19 Event Checker will be appointed to monitor that all requirements are being met
  • The Stewards will not permit an event to commence until appropriately advised by the COVID-19 Event Checker
  • The Stewards may instruct that an event be stopped if advised by the COVID-19 Event Checker that requirements are not being maintained
  • No podium ceremonies
Event Organiser responsibilities
  • Submit a COVID venue plan to Motorsport Australia in support of their event permit application
  • Install signage to advise of COVID-19 requirements
  • Provide barriers and/or markings that restrict the amount of people in a certain area
  • Provide suitable facilities, products and equipment to ensure required hygiene practices can be maintained
  • Clean equipment prior to use and during an event as required
  • Clean common areas – eg. entrances, handles, buttons
  • Provide separate medical facility/area for isolation of suspected COVID-19 cases
  • Create register of all attendees at the event
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