It is one of the most unique forms of motorsport in the world. Comprising of a driver and a co-driver/navigator to read the course, it is a battle between driver, machine and the clock. Licences are available for both Drivers or Navigators.

Rallies can be run on gravel or tarmac, and are typically held on public roads – closed off to the public. Depending on the level of competition, participants can take up rallying from age 14.

Rally and road events can range from a club event, through to the Australian Targa and Australian Rally Championships, and beyond in the FIA World Rally Championship.



Autocross sees cars released onto the track one at a time with each vehicle racing against the clock around typically tight, twisty and challenging dirt tracks for a single lap.

Autocross is a great introduction for drivers to driving quickly on dirt, and a teaser for those who might wish to try their hand at Rally or Off Road events.

Classified as a Speed event, refer to the Speed page to learn more about the introductory licence requirements.

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