Counterfeit harnesses and driver suit warning

Thursday 22 July, 2021
Multiple counterfeit products are being sold online right now.
Motorsport Australia has received further notifications from the SFI Foundation identifying items that are being sold without conforming to the SFI standards.
Harnesses sold by Slapco and Sickspeed, as well as driver suits manufactured by STANJ International do not meet applicable SFI specifications and pose serious risks to anyone who has purchased these products.  
Both Slapco and Sickspeed harnesses have not been submitted for testing by the SFI, and both brands are not enrolled in any SFI program, while STANJ International driver suits are falsely represented as being certified to SFI Specification 3.2A, despite counterfeit labels suggesting otherwise. 

Motorsport Australia members must note that these products are not certified, endorsed, or approved by SFI and therefore are not eligible for use in Motorsport Australia sanctioned events.

Motorsport Australia members that are using safety items that carry the SFI standard are requested to double check these items, with reference to the SFI and the information they publish.   

Using counterfeit or non-compliant products puts competitors at risk of severe injury or death. 
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