TARGA targets change

Wednesday 22 January, 2020
The Targa Championship will look different in 2020.

The Targa Championship’s parent company will now be known as TARGA after the organisation unveiled an exciting new rebrand from Targa Australia.

Since the Dutton Group purchased TARGA just over a year ago, the organisation completed an extensive in-house evaluation and found the need of a new business plan and marketing direction, which inspired the brand change.

Part of the overhaul was the introduction of a slick modern logo, which features just TARGA written in all capital letters on a plain background and completely new website.

While the company will still be trading as Targa Australia Pty Ltd, it will simply be known as TARGA, in what is a reflection of the company’s new direction, which aims to better serve the loyal fan base and customers

The Motorsport Australia Targa Championship has also seen a change to its calendar with three rounds to occur in 2020 instead of four like previous years.

Starting off with the popular Targa Tasmania on 27 April to 2 May, the championship then moves up north to Queensland in September for the third Targa Great Barrier Reef, before moving back south to Victoria for Targa High Country in November.

Click here to view the brand new TARGA website.

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