S5000 to up the grid in 2020

Monday 03 February, 2020
There will be three more cars available for S5000's first appearance in 2020.
There might be as many as six new cars entered in this year’s S5000 Australia season, with Garry Rogers Motorsport (GRM) recently receiving a batch of three new tubs.
With the category’s first major appearance for the new year as a support at the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in March, the Victorian team are currently working on getting the new cars ready for the event.
While there are still a further three to arrive from United States based supplier Ligier-Onroak, the recent delivery means there will be 17 cars available for the Formula 1 season opener.
GRM’s Barry Rogers was pleased with the current progress of the cars and was confident the team would remain on track to reach their ultimate goal of 20 cars.
“When we took the original cars on, the aim was to have 14 for the first event, which we achieved,” Rogers said.
"Our overall objective was to have a total of 20 cars in the country, because we believe that this category has all of the ingredients to be a successful, exciting show.
“Any reasonable motorsport category needs to have at least 20 cars, so we’ve stuck with the plan, and this is the first instalment towards that.
“GRM has not wavered from its commitment to this class. All of our team really love being involved and we are extremely proud of the staff and what we’ve have been able to achieve.
“There will be no problem getting these cars ready. We were able to build 14 cars in a short space of time, so these three will come together quickly and will be ready for some pre-season testing.”
For its big appearance at the Australian Grand Prix, S5000 will stick with the format used in its first two events last year, with drivers to compete in two qualifying races and one feature race.
Following on from March’s round, the category will then hold the rest of its major commitments for the year as part of the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships.
The Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix takes place at the Albert Park street circuit in Melbourne on 12-15 March.
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