Changes to alcohol and illicit drug policies

Monday 02 March, 2020
All breaches of the alcohol and illicit drug policy will now published on the Motorsport Australia website.
Motorsport Australia wishes to remind members that breaches of the alcohol and illicit drug policy will now be published on the Motorsport Australia website.
Previously, Motorsport Australia held a discretion on whether to name those who had breached the Alcohol or Illicit Drug Policy for the first time. 
With the change coming into effect of 1 March, it means this discretion will no longer apply and the names of anyone breaching either policy must now be published. Previously, only second or subsequent offences were published.

Motorsport Australia CATOs (Certified and Accredited Testing Officials) will continue to test for alcohol in 2020, while ASADA and other accredited contractors will test for performance enhancing drugs and illicit substances.

The policies apply to all competitors (including co-driver and navigators), officials, team members (including crew), Motorsport Australia contractors or third party contractors attending an event, as well as anyone who agrees to be bound by the Policy (for example, any Motorsport Australia accreditation holders).

In 2019, there were 10 breaches of the Alcohol Policy that would have resulted in publication of names under the new policy.

To read the new policies in full:

Example of a breach of the policy and steps taken:


A competitor blows 0.03 on the breathalyser when tested for alcohol by a CATO at a Motorsport Australia event (the maximum allowable blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.010 as displayed on the breathalyser).

Immediate action (as per existing policy):

The CATO advises Stewards of the positive test, where the Steward is then required to disqualify the competitor for the day under the policy. They are eligible to return the next day (if applicable).

Following the breach (as per existing policy):Motorsport Australia is advised of the breach and notes the breach.

Publishing the breach (new as of 1 March 2020):
Once advised, Motorsport Australia will publish the breach for a period of three months on