Recall Notice: Faulty BMW road-car airbags

Wednesday 08 April, 2020
Notice from BMW Group Australia

A compulsory product recall for faulty driver and passenger airbags was initiated on the 28 February 2018.

The recall affects vehicles from 25 different vehicle manufacturers and relates to parts made by the supplier Takata. 

Vehicles with affected Takata Airbag Inflators may explode and cause serious injury or even death when deployed. 

Certain BMW models from 1998—2017 are impacted by the recall and some of those affected vehicles and/or airbags might be in your possession.

BMW Group Australia has a recall Status Tool, which allows you to check the status of BMW vehicles via the:

  • Registration number;
  • 7 digit Chassis;
  • 17 digit VIN. 

Please be aware that state registration authorities may suspend registrations of vehicles that have not had an affected Takata airbag recovered.

Even if you have converted your BMW into a race car and the airbags have been removed, BMW Australia ask that you please use the link below to let them know that the vehicle no longer has the airbags installed.

Owners now have the option to select “Converted to Race Car” in this change of status form.

Additionally if you still have a suspect affected airbag in your possession you can contact BMW directly at [email protected] they can arrange the disposal of this faulty airbag.

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