Build your own circuit

Thursday 16 April, 2020

With puzzles all the rage in households across Australia right at the minute, why be constrained by a puzzle when you can make your own creation?

Make it a useful exercise for an art lesson if you’re home schooling, or are a big kid at heart with a race track in your mind.


The steps to create your own track, or one that already exists, are simple.

  1. Cut out the track pieces,
  2. Tabs can be used, or cut off, to help piece your tracks together,
  3. Print individual pages multiple times for extra track sections,
  4. Email your creations to [email protected], or post it on our Facebook thread/Instagram DMs.


Given the fictional nature of the circuit you’ll make, the Motorsport Australia team will allow concessions if you have an open-wheeler mingling with a touring car, rally car, tank, or even those figurines from Test Match Cricket. In fact, it's encouraged.

Get your household involved, and have fun creating.

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