Targa Tasmania locks in new look from 2022

Friday 01 May, 2020
Targa Tasmania will have a new format and date in 2022.
(Photo: Angryman Photography)
Targa Tasmania has announced its dates for the next seven years with the 30th edition to now take place in March, 2022 - a date it will hold until 2027.
Traditionally run in the week after Easter, the Motorsport Australia Targa Championship season opener will now move to the first full week of March after next year’s event.
The 2021 edition will stay in the usual slot from the 19-24 April before moving up a month the following year, where it will stay for the next six years, as well as replacing its current Monday to Saturday six day format with the traditional Tuesday to Sunday format.
The change will allow fans to get more access to the cars with two days to be run over the weekend, instead of one, while a public holiday on the Monday post-event will also boost the state’s economy.
TARGA CEO Mark Perry was thrilled with the news of the date change and the support from Events Tasmania.
“Having a set time on the calendar every year is a huge advantage for us to be able to continue to attract people to the event,” Perry said.
“It makes everyone’s planning much simpler compared to the moving feast of dates we have always had to deal with, which resulted in TARGA being run anywhere from mid-April to early May.
“The March date also is far more appealing to visitors coming to Tasmania – they can enjoy our wonderful early autumn weather and the long days courtesy of daylight savings.
“There is no doubt that losing the event this year was a blow, but with the support of Events Tasmania we can now plan for the future with great confidence. TARGA Tasmania is here to stay and now enjoys a premium spot on the Australian Motorsports calendar.”
With this year’s Targa Tasmania cancelled due to COVID-19, the Motorsport Australia Targa Championship’s next round, TARGA Great Barrier Reef, is scheduled to run in North Queensland on 4-6 September.
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