Motorsport Australia to take officiating to next level

Friday 21 June, 2024
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Motorsport Australia has published a detailed Officials’ Working Group report, with the Board agreeing to accept and implement all 37 recommendations put forward.
Motorsport would struggle to function without the ongoing support of more than 10,000 licenced officials who are the lifeblood of delivering events week-in, week-out.
As part of the recommendations, Motorsport Australia will dedicate in-house resources to further enhance and improve all aspects of officiating, including:
  • Providing better user experience for all officials through improved technology and digitising many of our existing processes
  • Improved training to retain and develop officials at all levels of the sport
  • Fostering a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for existing and new officials
  • Development of structured pathways and opportunities to grow and retain officials
  • Further support from Motorsport Australia to clubs and officiating groups, reducing the administration burden on volunteers
  • Improved communications with officials
A full list of the recommendations can be found here.
The Officials’ Working Group was chaired by Ed Ordynski and made up of both Motorsport Australia staff and industry stakeholders.
It surveyed a large number of officials currently active around the country, as well as those who had recently seen their licences lapse.


Motorsport Australia President Andrew Fraser congratulated the Working Group on delivering a detailed and impressive set of recommendations.
“The Officials Working Group has done a stellar job in identifying what is required to improve all levels of officiating,” Fraser said.
“Meeting so many of our volunteer officials at events around the country has also reaffirmed my belief that we have the best officials in the world, so now the work must continue to allow us to maintain that strong reputation.
“The Board unanimously supported the implementation of all 37 recommendations presented to us and look forward to seeing these important initiatives delivered by our hard-working staff together with the officials themselves.”

Motorsport Australia CEO Sunil Vohra said work on implementing the recommendations had already begun.

“Since receiving this report from the Officials’ Working Group, we have begun work on a detailed project plan that outlines the timing and resources required to deliver these recommendations,” Vohra said.
“In 2024, we are already seeing an increase in the number of licenced officials which is something we cannot take for granted. Sports across Australia are seeing a decline in the number of volunteers, so for us to make sure that we see more officials in the sport we must continue to innovate.
“Our officials are our greatest asset and we know we need to provide all the support possible to make sure we retain and grow our highly regarded officials base across the country.”

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