In order to preserve Motorsport Australia's reputation and safeguard our officials program, Motorsport Australia commissioned the Officials Working Group.

Through extensive stakeholder engagement, the Working Group developed 37 recommendations to address these challenges, support our officials and ensure our program remains the best in the world.


The working group identified the following 37 recommendations:

Documentation, policies, and procedures related to officiating in motorsport events. (Immediate Priority)
Technological infrastructure and tools available to support officials in their roles. (Immediate Priority)
Fostering a safe, welcoming, respectful and inclusive culture. (Immediate Priority)
Current training programs, content, delivery methods and effectiveness. (Medium-term Priority)
Organisational structure and management practices related to officiating in Motorsport Australia. (Medium-term Priority)
Strategies and resources allocated to recruit and retain officials including the effectiveness of current initiatives and improvements to attract and retain a diverse pool of talented and motivated officials. (Medium-term Priority)
Officiating incidents, performance evaluations, and feedback from participants – including Stewards Panels. (Long-term Priority)
Benchmark motorsport officiating against best practices in other sports and relevant international standards. (Long-term Priority)
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