Motorsport Australia Committees

A number of Committees have been delegated power by the CEO of Motorsport Australia to plan and administer specific functions of the organisation.

Committees, in general, have authority and responsibility over areas that affect only their function.


Fuels Regulations Committee

This is entirely an administrative committee, the role of which is to administer the prescriptions laid down by the Board. The Committee collectively must have expertise (i.e. be technically qualified) in the engineering field (i.e. to understand the nature and needs of the engine) and also in the chemical field (i.e. have knowledge of the nature of fuels as they perform in engines).

The Committee’s primary role is to administer the prescriptions of the regulations. The role of the Committee is NOT to be a forum where lobbyists representing disciplines of the sport seek to achieve changes to the regulations.


Motorsport Australia Eligibility Committee

This Committee is part of the Motorsport Australia Judicial System and the role of the Committee is to adjudicate on technical issues when the issue is referred on by the Stewards of a meeting. Given the number of disciplines in motorsport, the objective of the Committee is to have at least one member who has a close working knowledge of each particular discipline.  

The Committee must make its decisions on the existing regulations as they are published and as with other Committees, this is not a forum for lobbying to change an aspect of the sporting regulations under which a discipline competes.

An advanced technical knowledge with a sound understanding of the Motorsport Australia rules and regulations is a necessary pre-requisite for sitting on this Committee.


National Track Safety Advisory Committee

The National Track Safety Advisory Committee is empowered to make recommendations to the CEO in supporting the administration of safety related issues at Motorsport Australia licenced circuits across Australia. The Committee must comprise of the following members:

  • Chair, to be appointed by the CEO
  • Motorsport Australia Representative to the FIA Circuits Commission
  • AIMSS Representative
  • Engineering Technical Expert
  • Venue Owner / Operator Representative/s
  • Motorsport Australia Appointed Track Inspector/s
  • Senior Official
  • Supercars Australia Representative (Non-Voting Observer/Advisor)


National Medical Advisory Committee

The National Medical Advisory Committee will comprise the following members due to the relevant special expertise and experience required and which may be supplemented at times by experts in any medical field which is considered to be desirable;

  • Chair - to be appointed by the CEO
  • Deputy Chair-to appointed by the Chairman after consultation with the Committee and CEO
  • Motorsport Australia Chief Medical Officer for Rally Australia
  • Motorsport Australia Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • Motorsport Australia Chief Medical Assessor
  • Supercars Australia Medical Delegate
  • Medical Practitioners/Persons with Medical expertise – as required
  • Paramedic


National Regulations Advisory Committee

The National Regulations Advisory Committee membership is comprised of a Chair and several advisors. The principal purpose is to provide advice to the Motorsport Australia CEO and others on the rules and regulations of Motorsport Australia including draft Bulletins.

The committee meets often as a working group at Motorsport Australia House and may call upon specialist advisors on specific issues.


Judicial Advisory Committee

The Committee provides to advice to Motorsport Australia on matters relating to the interpretation of rules, the adjudication of disputes and judicial proceedings arising from or related to Motorsport Australia members and competitors. This includes advising on the conduct of Appeals and Tribunals to assist in the prosecution or defence and conduct of judicial proceedings, including Stewards’ Hearings, Appeals and Tribunals.

The Committee also provides recommendations for the allocation of Stewards for National Championships and major events.

The Committee consists of a Chair and several members (ideally up to 3) with a power to co-opt others of similar experience who may provide specialised information from time to time.

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