Off Road  


Off Road

Off Road events are competitions conducted on a course over a variety of terrains.

A Short Course Off Road event is up to 15 kilometres. 

A Long Course Off Road event is longer than 15km, and can include obstacles such as jumps and river crossings.

Off Road events usually require a driver and navigator, however some events run classes for single-seater buggies.

Conditions for Single Event Licences

Applications for Single Event Licences must be made and submitted to Motorsport Australia prior to an event, applications on the day will not be accepted. Ensure your application is submitted and accepted in advance.

A Health Statement and an Online Lecture must also be completed before your Single Event licence can be issued. Event Organisers will then observe you during a practice/shakedown/prologue section, and sign off on your licence.

You may only apply for a Single Event licence once. You can apply and upgrade to a full Off Road Licence at a discounted rate.

A Single Event Off Road Licence will not be accepted however for rounds of the AORC.

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