The Motorsport Australia Accredited Official licencing structure has two parts: Graded Officials Licences and Non Graded Officials Licences.

Graded Officials Licences have four grading levels and are available to all Motorsport Australia Accredited Officials to achieve. Non Graded Officials Licences have two types: Specialist Licences are for officials with professional qualifications or who have completed Specialist Motorsport Australia delivered training. Appointed Licence holders are those that have been appointed by the management of Motorsport Australia.

The diagram below shows the licence pathway and the available disciplines in which to specialise at Bronze level. Each of the disciplines in orange have an associated training module, as does General Official (Introductory Module) and Silver level. For more information on training modules, visit Training.


An official may hold different levels for different disciplines of officiating at any one time (e.g. they could be a Gold Steward and a Bronze Rally Official).

Graded Officials Levels

General Official
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