The following timeline is a guide for a COD application and represents a best case scenario;


Certificate of Description: Timeline

1. Documentation Submitted
2. Vehicle Inspection
3. Documentation Review
4. Rectification Work
5. COD Document Produced
6. Log Book
The total process should take 12 weeks with little change required to the application. This number is only a guide as the application process could be shorter or longer pending arrangements and outcomes.

Applicants are advised that non-conforming photographs can cause considerable delay to this process and hence applicants are encouraged to take adequate care or engage professional help with this aspect.

The following timeline is a guide for the expiration date for dormant applications and timelines for AIP applications;

• Nil activity for one calendar year from last contact in regards to the application (letter sent). 
• Nil activity for two years and no response to Motorsport Australia's letter, application is considered nullified and will require a fresh application and fee should the application wish to be progressed.

Note: Should the applicant be in touch with Motorsport Australia or their representatives (HEO) and Motorsport Australia are made aware of the status and circumstances of the application, further time shall be granted.

All Approval in Principles (AIP) will have a fixed five year period, in which they are to be completed unless further time has been requested and approved. 


Certificate of Description: Photo Requirements

General photograph guidelines
Three quarter side view for the log book and COD
Suspension – Open wheel vehicle
Suspension – Touring / Sports Car
Intake and fuel system – Open wheel vehicle
Intake and fuel system – Touring / Sports car

The Digital photographs must be in colour, high quality, and appropriately sized.

The photographs must be sharp, in focus, without details hidden in shadow (use manual flash setting on bright days) and no objects in the back or foreground.

Remember, these photos will be representing your vehicle on the COD and we all want it looking at its best.


Appealing a Certificate of Description

The Appeal Procedure
The Review Panel Process
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