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Motorsport Australia has a range of affiliation packages available for both Sporting and Enthusiast Car Clubs.

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Sporting Car Clubs:

  • Host competitive events
  • Club members can hold a Motorsport Australia Competitive Licence
  • Eligible to receive voting rights* at Motorsport Australia State Councils

*To have voting rights a club must meet the minimum requirements as specified in the Motorsport Australia General Regulations.

Sporting Club Packages

Sporting Club Plan 11-39 members$462
Sporting Club Plan 240-100 members$791
Sporting Club Plan 3101-200 members$1,107
Sporting Club Plan 4200+ members$1,607

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Enthusiast Car Club:

  • Host social/non-competitive activities or events
  • Not recognised for a Motorsport Australia Competitive Licence

Enthusiast Club Packages

Enthusiast Club Plan 11-39 members$380
Enthusiast Club Plan 240-100 members$639
Enthusiast Club Plan 3101-200 members$905
Enthusiast Club Plan 4200+ members$1,316

Benefits of a Motorsport Australia Affiliation


Access to Motorsport Australia's National Insurance Coverage (including Public Liability Insurance).

Club Support and Resources

Clubs affiliated with Motorsport Australia receive support across a wide range of areas, not just for the on-track or on-stage action. 

• Club Business Workshops
Motorsport Australia is proud to facilitate free virtual workshops held on relevant topics for the office bearers of its affiliated clubs. In addition, Motorsport Australia can also provide upskilling opportunities for office bearers and volunteers.

• Grant Writing Assistance Program
Motorsport Australia, with the assistance of Red Tape Busters, offers a Grant Writing Assistance Program for affiliated clubs, providing clubs with the best opportunity to access government grants throughout the year.

• Online Services
Motorsport Australia offers online platforms such as the Member Portal, Motorsport Australia Event Entry, Motorsport Australia Online Permit Applications and Training to all affiliated clubs.


Club Development and Funding

• Supercheap Auto Club Development Fund
Motorsport Australia affiliated clubs have the ability to obtain funding each year thanks to the Supercheap Auto Club Development Fund.

• Grants and government funding
Motorsport Australia has compiled a national funding directory of programs for affiliated clubs to benefit from. Grant writing assistance is also available to assist clubs with their applications. As Motorsport Australia is the government recognised sporting body for four-wheel motorsport, our connections and relationships with government at all levels remain strong, allowing us to advocate for our clubs and the sport more broadly.

• Game Plan
Developed by the Australian Sports Commission, Game Plan is designed to help club committees and volunteers build the capability, knowledge and skills necessary to run a sustainable, successful and thriving club.


Club Resource Guide

Motorsport Australia has created the Club Resource Guide for its affiliated club network, containing many helpful links to resources both within Motorsport Australia and external to Motorsport Australia (e.g. legislation requirements).

Local Contact

Regional Development Executives are available around Australia to assist clubs and their representatives with issues that they face in the operation of grassroots sporting organisations. These contacts can be found on the Club Resource Guide.

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