2021 Regulations
1st Category - Racing Cars
2nd Category - Sports Cars
3rd Category - Touring Cars
6th Category - Other Vehicles
2020 Regulations

Race - General (including Superkarts)


Specifications of Automobiles

1st Category: Racing Cars


2nd Category: Sports Cars

The 2nd Category provides for two-seater sports racing cars and other highly-modified cars:

Group 2A   Sports Cars, open and closed    Group 2B      Group 2C   Supersports Cars    Group 2F   Production Sports Cars

Cars must comply with the General Requirements for Automobiles, including Schedules A, B and, in races, C, as well as the Specific Requirements for each group. (For Schedules, please refer to Section 6 - General Requirements for Cars and Drivers.)


3rd Category: Touring Cars

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