Your licence will become a Rally Licence

Motorsport Australia is pleased to advise your licence will be enhanced as a Rally Licence, which will allow you to access even more rally events across Australia, without needing to contact us to upgrade your licence.

You will be able to access all rally events that you have previously been eligible for, and additional events previously reserved for National level competition.

As part of this change, there will be a small increase to your licence to match its realignment and access to more events, with the Rally Licence to cost $230 on renewal.

What if I am a Clubman Rally Navigator licence holder?

Your new Rally licence will also make you eligible to compete as a driver, pending completion of an Observed Licence Test.

If you are not eligible as a driver, your licence will be conditional and display 'Navigator Only' on your card/profile.

* Price does not include the $10 Australian Institute for Motorsport Safety contribution, which you may opt-out of manually upon renewal of your licence.
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