Your licence will become a Circuit Licence

Motorsport Australia is pleased to advise you will continue as a National Circuit licence holder, to be renamed as a Circuit Licence, and you can renew as you normally would.

You will be able to access all circuit events that you have been previously eligible for - conditional to any endorsements to your licence such as a Historic High Performance licence endorsement.

If you currently hold a Provisional Circuit licence, you will still receive a Circuit Licence. Your provisional status will only remain a condition, and you will not need to reapply upon removal of your provisional status.

Motorsport Australia is pleased to confirm the annual cost of your licence will reduce from $514 to $430 in 2021.

This change will see you receive a discount on your licence upon renewal in 2021.

* Price does not include the $10 Australian Institute for Motorsport Safety contribution, which you may opt-out of manually upon renewal of your licence.
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